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Hammond XK5 Stage Organ

Hammond XK5 Stage Organ Available to Hire The Hammond XK5 is the very best portable Hammond Organ ever made. XK5 is the first instrument to feature Hammond's exclusive Hybrid Multiple Key Contact System for the ultimate Tonewheel organ performance.Â. Just like the original classic Hammond, five sets of Harmonic Drawbars® are at your hands for quick sound manipulation, and the built-in tube pre-amp adds warmth and ""dirt"" to the sound when required.

Korg Kronos 2 88 Key Digital Synthesizer Workstation

Korg Kronos 2 88 Key Digital Synthesizer Workstation to Hire

The Korg Kronos v2 is a complete and multi functional music workstation that evolves from the previous Korg Kronos X. The new updates include OS version 3.0,  exclusive new distinct sounds with enhanced multi-sampled grand pianos, such as the new Berlin Grand piano, adding on to the German Grand and lively Japanese Grand. The Berlin Grand offers resonant piano sound with a striking sense of depth.

Korg Prologue 61 key 16-voice Analogue Synthesizer

Korg Prologue 61 key 16-voice Analogue Synthesizer to Hire

Featuring 61 full-size keys and 16 voices, plus Split, Layer, and Crossfade modes, Prologue is the analogue polysynth you've been waiting for. Perfectly made for creating complex layers of sounds. Each voice boasts two analogue oscillators plus a digital oscillator, as well as the possibility to create your own oscillators and effects.

Prologue represents one of the most customisable hardware synths available on the market, featuring four different voice modes, an arpeggiator, a dual effects section, and 500 program locations for saving your creations.

Korg SV-1 Vintage Stage Piano

Korg SV-1 Vintage Stage Piano for Hire

The Korg SV-1 contains not just one, but multiple piano sounds, including a Japanese Grand Piano, a German Grand Piano, an authentic upright, and more.

Then there is the Vintage. The SV-1BK Stage Vintage Piano offers the most rewarding compendium of electro-mechanical, transistorised, tape-driven, analogue, and early digital keyboards ever available in a single instrument. Crafted using Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology; each sound is a detailed and authentic re-creation, accurately capturing the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. The SV-1BK also provides access to the effect pedals, amplifiers, speaker cabinets and studio techniques that gave these sounds their original shine. Together, they provide fingertip access to the sounds that defined generations of popular keyboard playing.

Designed with performance in mind, the SV-1BK is a pleasure to play. The RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action is the finest key bed Korg offers, with a solid, responsive feel that inspires confidence. With the SV-1BK, the entire front panel is always live, using clearly labelled knobs to dial up just the sound you are looking for.

The 36 sounds in the SV-1BK span from electric pianos, acoustic pianos, organs, strings and synth. Each category of instrument starts with the essential classics and then moves beyond what other products offer, going into some rare and unique instruments that were the part of the soundtrack of their eras. The acoustic pianos include three-way stereo versions of both German and Japanese grand piano giants, a more intimate upright piano, a much-needed mono piano for small gigs, a late ‘70s-mid 80’s Japanese electro-acoustic variation, plus some blended sounds.

The electric pianos start with a seven-way velocity switched “tine” version, continue through the classic “reed” based model and then into a vintage analogue “electra” instrument (all from American manufacturers), as well as two different Japanese mid-80’s digital classics. Organs include three variations of the classic tone wheel model, plus the most famous British and Italian combo organs, along with the first known offering of a signature American tube-driven console organ.

Clavs include four variations of the tonal settings plus a related keyboard from the same manufacturer that used a plucked-reed mechanism for a unique and intimate sound. Add in real, tape-based, and analogue strings; choir; and a couple of fat analogue synth sounds and you have an incredibly versatile palette of sounds to perform with.

Each of the core instruments has been accurately sampled including tine, key-off, damper and hammer noises at different velocities. We even sampled piano cabinet resonances to enhance the accuracy of our pianos. This attention to detail, called the RX Experience, is what makes playing the SV-1BK a joy. It comes to life under your hands, with a three-dimensional sound evoking the electro-mechanical legends, reborn.

Kurzweil Artis Stage Piano

Kurzweil Artis Stage Piano for Hire

The Kurzweil Artis SE 88 is a versatile, reliable and easy to use digital stage piano which features 88 hammer action keys for a realistic feel and playability. Loaded with high quality instrument sounds ranging from grand pianos to synths to percussion the SE 88 includes all the sounds you could need for a live performance. Additionally the USB and MIDI connections allow integration to other MIDI devices.

Professionally Captured Sounds : The Artis SE features an incredible library of studio ready sounds from a range of instruments and sound libraries such as the German 9' Grand Piano, KORE 64 and PC3. The sounds available cover a range of instruments from analogue style synths to horns and brass making the Artis SE extremely versatile. To complement and finesse the on board instruments the SE incorporates powerful digital effects such as reverb, delay, compression, phaser and more whilst the 3-band eq is perfect for achieving studio quality instrument tones on the go.

Dynamically Allocated Polyphony : An impressive feature with the SE is the unique dynamic allocation of the polyphony which stops note drop offs when you reach the maximum polyphony. This innovative feature provides a seamless and natural feel meaning you can focus on your performance rather than piano.


* Performance-focused stage piano with 88-key weighted hammer-action keybed
* Fatar TP100 keybed gives you natural piano feel
* Features a German 9' grand piano with incredible depth and richness
* Polyphony: 128 notes, dynamically allocated
* 128 Factory multis, each up to 4 zones with Quick Split/Layer
* Front panel-mounted pitch and mod wheel
* Four sliders, two programmable switch buttons
* Two dedicated transpose switches
* One continuous control pedal input
* Two switch pedal inputs (switch/sustain pedal included)
* Display: 2 x 20 character LCD with front-panel contrast adjust
* Stereo L/R 1/4" Balanced Outs, back-panel headphone jack
* Stereo 1/8" mini jack for routing external audio to the outputs
* USB Host Port (MIDI and updates from your computer or tablet)
* USB Device Port (Supports Flash-Drive)


* Number of Keys: 88
* Type of Keys: Hammer-Weighted
* Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
* Presets: 256
* Polyphony: 128 Notes
* EQ: 3-Band with On/Off Switch
* Effects: Over 100 Complex Effect Chains
* Number of Pedals: 1 x Switch/Sustain (Included)
* Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/8" Jack
* Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (Out), 1 x 1/4" (Headphones)
* MIDI I/O: In/Out
* USB: 1 (File Transfer/OS Updates)
* Pedal Inputs: 2 x Switch, 1 x Continuous
* Height: 5.87"
* Width: 50.63"
* Depth: 14.8"
* Weight: 17.5 Kg

Kurzweil PC3K8 Workstation Keyboard

Kurzweil PC3K8 Workstation Keyboard for Hire

Kurzweil PC3K8 keyboard expands the PC3 line to include key new features along with backwards compatibility with the legendary K Series product line. In addition to all of the innovative features that made the PC3 a major success, the PC3K8 features 128 MB of non-volatile user sample memory.

In addition to all of the innovative features that made the PC3 a major success, the PC3K features 128 MB of non-volatile user sample memory. Utilising a breakthrough in sample flash technology, the PC3K allows user samples to remain intact after a power-cycle, with zero load time upon powering back on. The PC3K can load .WAV files, but more importantly, it can load legacy Kurzweil .K files from the K2000, K2500 and K2600 keyboards. This opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities; users can now combine the PC3K's unmatched Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine with the staggering library of K Series samples generated by users and developers alike for over 15 years.

Along with K Series samples, the PC3K will support the importing of most K Series keymaps, programs and setups, providing seamless integration for existing K series customers and an enticingly large collection of sounds for new Kurzweil users to explore. From Broadway performers and high profile pop stars to working players, the PC3K will allow musicians who've relied on Kurzweil for years to continue using their sounds with the next generation of our technology, without having to start over from scratch.

In addition to the ability to load samples, the PC3K offers basic sample editing and full keymap editing. Of course, all of the features and presets that made the PC3 so popular are present as well; anti-aliasing VA oscillators, improved KB3 Mode, Classic Keys, Orchestral and String Sections sound sets, the renowned Kurzweil Grand Piano, Cascade Mode, 16 independent Riffs and arpeggiators, Song Mode and QA mode, unparalleled MIDI control, and the list goes on.

Another major improvement added to the PC3K is the inclusion of a USB host port to support the use of thumb-drives for data loading and storage as well as OS updates.

Kurzweil PC3K8 Features and Specifications

* Keyboard: 88-note, fully-weighted hammer-action, with velocity and aftertouch  sensitive keys (Fatar TP40L)

* Display: 240 x 64 angled, backlit CCFL w/ dedicated back panel brightness and contrast controls

* Polyphony: 128 Voice Polyphony

* Multi-timbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)

* Architecture: Dynamic VAST: Powerful synthesis engine, with user programmable DSP algs and routing.

* VA1 Inside: anti-aliasing, power-shaped oscillators and DSP processing from Kurzweil's VA1 concept synth, capable of delivering authentic analogue emulations as well as incredibly complex new sounds

* Cascade Mode: lets the user route one layer through the DSP of any other layer within a program - up to 32 consecutive layers deep!

* Desktop Editor: Mac and PC platforms (free download)

* Factory Presets: 1074 Stunning Factory Presets

* Factory MIDI Setups: 150 factory programmed MIDI setups - featuring up to 16 independent zones, effects, independent controller assignments, triggerable pattern-based "Riffs" and arpeggiator settings

* 128MB of re-loadable*, non-volatile, user flash ROM (loaded samples stay in memory even after power cycle)

* File Compatibility: PC3: all objects / PC3LE: all objects / K2 Series / AIFF and WAVE audio files

* General MIDI: Standard

* User Memory: 16,000 locations for user objects

* Sequencer: Unlimited tracks (on import); 960 PPQ resolution. Song editing functions include both event and track-based tools like quantize, swing, remap, controller scaling and more. Controller chasing and a global "set song length" functions are also featured

* Effects: 16 insert effects distributed over 11 busses, two auxiliary sends and two Master Effects (saved with each song and setup); featuring over 500 of our award winning effects - reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, Leslie simulators, compressors, and more

* Master FX Section: User controllable master EQ section and master compressor for quick adjustments during live performance or putting the final touches on your studio mix. (These do not use up the insert effect resources)

* Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 9 front panel sliders/drawbar controllers, 10 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable), 3 switch pedal input, 2 continuous control pedal inputs, mono pressure, Super Ribbon input, breath controller input. Controller values can be "captured" and stored as part of a program

* Arpeggiator: 16 full-featured independent arpeggiators with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions as well as pre-recorded beats and musical phrases

* Riffs: 16 unique "Riff" generators, used for triggering MIDI sequenced phrases, beats, or complete multi-track arrangements from notes on the keyboard and/or any on-board physical controller

* Analog Outputs: Four 1/4" balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)

* Headphones: 1 rear panel 1/4" headphone output

* 24-bit, stereo S/PDIF featuring 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192-kHz modes

* MIDI: In, Out, Thru

* USB Computer Port: MIDI over USB. Also allows the PC3K to load/save data directly to and from a Mac/PC as well as perform OS updates

* USB Storage Port: Supports USB thumb-drives for loading/saving user data as well as performing OS updates

* Height: (4.33") (11.00 cm)

* Depth: (13.98") (35.50 cm)

* Length: (54.33") (138 cm)

* Weight: (54 lb.) (24.50 kg)

Nord Electro III Sixty One Keyboard

Nord Electro III Sixty One Keyboard for Hire

The Electro 3 features a great organ section, fantastic pianos from the Nord Piano Library, Nord Sample Library compatibility, including the possibility to create your own sample instruments and a selection of extremely versatile effects!

The original Electro 3 features their Semi Weighted Waterfall keybed. This is a great set of keys to play organ and pianos with, with light action and low weight. The Electro 3 HP has all the features of the original Electro 3 but sports a new 73-key Hammer Action Portable keybed, with a classic E-E range and 4 selectable Dynamic Response Curves. Amazingly, the Electro 3 HP only weighs 11 kg, making it the most ultra light weight professional Hammer Action keyboard on the market.


* C1 Organ Tonewheel/transistor modelling
* Nord Piano- and Sample Library support
* String Resonance (generation 1)
* Exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds
* Rotary Speaker simulation
* Flexible Effects
* Light weight
* Physical controls for all vital functions


The Nord Electro 3 series are compatible with the Nord Piano Library, a continuously expanding sound library filled with amazing grand pianos, uprights, vintage electric pianos, clavinets and harpsichords. Their sounds have been carefully selected for their unique characters and deliver stunning realism thanks to state of the art multi-sampling techniques and String Resonance, providing you with an unprecedented expressiveness. The Electro 3s arrive pre-loaded with a selection of these fine sounds. Replacing them couldn't be easier - just connect the Electro 3 to the USB port of your computer, start the Nord Sound Manager and drag and drop the desired sounds to the desired program location. The Electro 3 HP additionally features a Long Release mode that adds a slightly longer release to Piano sounds, suitable for playing Legato Piano parts. The Electro 3 HP also has a dedicated button for disabling the String Resonance feature temporarily.


With the Nord Sample Library support Electro 3 owners have access to their exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and a wide selection of quality sounds from leading sample producers. See the Nord Sample Library section to learn more and to listen to the sounds available! The included Nord Sample Editor makes it possible to add any sound you want to the Electro 3. The Sample Editor can use audio files in the .wav format and has great tools to assist you in getting the results you want. Mapping several samples across the keyboard or creating seamless loops has never been easier. The Electro 3 series has 68 MB of dedicated sample memory and their efficient lossless compression algorithm makes it possible for them to use samples of up to three times the size compared to a standard linear sample player.


The growling sound and soul of a B3 is hard to replicate faithfully in a digital instrument. Sampling is definitely not an option if you want to create a living, breathing tonewheel sound. Nord have spent years perfecting their digital models and the Electro 3 contains their award winning second generation tonewheel model. The attention to minute details is stunning, the Electro 3 is even equipped with four selectable tonewheel modes, that stretches from a clean sound to battered unit with the most dramatic setting; Vintage 3. This setting even produces a sound in the background of its own, even if you don't touch any keys.

Nord Stage 2 HA88

Nord Stage 2 HA88 for Hire

The Nord Stage 2 88 features the award winning Piano, Organ and Synthesizer modules combined with a friendly user interface, an 88 note premium keybed and an obsessive level of control. The Nord Stage 2 88 sets itself apart as an instrument for the professional performing musician.


* Piano Section
* 1 GB memory for the Nord Piano Library
* State-of-the art sample-based Acoustic and Electric Pianos
* Advanced String Resonance (Gen 2)
* Long Release option
* Dynamic Pedal Noise via optional Nord Triple Pedal
* Synth Section
* 380 MB for the Nord Sample Library
* Powerful Classic analogue, FM and Wavetable synthesis
* Arpeggiator
* Unison mode
* Master Clock
* Organ Section
* B3 Tone-Wheel simulation
* Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation
* Faithful simulations of classic Vox and Farfisa organs
* Digital LED Drawbars for easy overview of active drawbar settings.
* Global features
* Comprehensive Effects section
* Single-function control knobs and instant visibility of current settings
* External section allowing the Nord Stage 2 EX to serve as a master keyboard
* Expanded Live Mode with 5 locations
* USB-MIDI. No driver required for Mac OS X. WHQL certified driver available for Windows.


The Stage 2 EX has three sound generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously. Furthermore, the Nord Stage 2 EX has 2 separate slots allowing you to have 2 Pianos, 2 Organs and 2 Synths at the same time for massive sonic flexibility.


The Nord Stage 2 EX features a brand new Factory Sound Bank with both new sounds in the Piano Library as well as a completely updated and refined selection of sounds from the Nord Sample Library. We've also optimised our sounds allowing you to fit even more sounds without comprising playability.

New sounds include:

* DX Electric Pianos
* Strings
* Voice
* Folk instruments

Roland Juno DI Mobile Synthesizer

Roland Juno DI Mobile Synthesizer for Hire

Roland's JUNO synths are known everywhere for their great sound, ease of use, and exceptional value. Beginning in the 70s with some of the earliest mass-produced analogue synthesizers, the Juno line's new releases are always hotly anticipated. The JUNO-DS61 takes the iconic series to a new level of performance, adding many powerful enhancements while still keeping operation streamlined and simple. Versatile, intuitive, and highly mobile, the JUNO-DS61 puts you in creative command, making it easy to produce exceptional music everywhere you play. 

Mobile Design and Stage-Ready Sounds

The JUNO-DS61 is an ideal keyboard for all types of players, from performing pros and weekend warriors to music producers and home hobbyists. It also excels in teaching labs and other music education environments. Easy to carry and easy to use, the JUNO-DS61 is filled with great Roland sounds for any style or genre, and versatile battery or AC operation gives you the flexibility to play anytime and anywhere. 

Top-Quality Pianos, Organs, and More

Acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and organs are bread and butter for most performing keyboardists. In the JUNO-DS61, the pianos have been newly enhanced with improved sound and response, and there are even more organs to choose from. In addition to this new DS Tone Bank, the instrument includes the entire 1000-plus sound set from the previous-generation JUNO-Di, and patches from that keyboard are fully compatible with the JUNO-DS61.

Enhanced Editing and Hands-On Controls

One thing that's made the JUNO series a players™ favourite is its instant-access design, which makes it easy to call up fantastic sounds right away. If you like to dig in and customize, the JUNO-DS61 now offers even more adjustable parameters than before, allowing you to tweak patches and performances with detailed precision. The front panel provides an expanded array of hands-on knobs and sliders for creating patches and adjusting sounds as you perform, while the rear panel features jacks for connecting hold and expression pedals at the same time.

Phrase Pads for Triggering Songs and Samples

With the JUNO-DS61's eight Phrase Pads, you can supplement your keyboard performances with samples or music files stored on USB memory. Just load up the pads with whatever you like”one-shot samples, vocals, sound effects, loops, or complete music tracks”and trigger them with a quick touch when needed.


* Number of keys: 61 Key
* Action: Synth action
* Key size: Full
* Aftertouch / Velocity: Velocity Sensitive
* Key Type: Piano-style

* Number of voices: 1500+
* Polyphony (max): 128-note
* Layers: Yes
* Split: Yes

* AUX input: Yes
* MIDI Connectivity: MIDI In/Out
* Line output: Yes
* Line input: Yes
* USB Connectivity: Yes
* Headphone jacks: 1
* Pedal inputs: 2
* Storage type: Internal & USB
* Expandability available: Yes

Onboard Features
* Recording/Playback MIDI sequencer
* Rhythms: 14
* Preset songs: 14
* Display: None
* Effects: Yes
* Built-in speakers: Yes
* Pitch bend/Modulation: Both
* Other controls: Sliders and knobs

* Reverb: Yes
* Chorus: Yes
* Delay: Yes
* Equalizer: Yes
* Arpeggio: Yes

Dims and Weight
* Width: 39 3/4" (1008 mm)
* Height: 3 7/8" (97 mm)
* Depth: 11 13/16" (300 mm)
* Weight: 11 lb. 12 oz. (5.3 kg)

Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer for Hire

Since the launch of the JUPITER-80, many professional keyboard players and producers have praised the expressive SuperNATURAL sounds and live-performance capability of the JUPITER-80. Now with a Version 2 software update, the JUPITER-80 offers new features that enhance its synthesis power, and provides more flexibility and creativity for musicians designing their own sounds. The JUPITER-80's expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible with multi-layered SuperNATURAL textures under the control of a full-colour touchscreen and creative hands-on controllers.

The SuperNATURAL sound engine constantly analyses the player's natural keyboard performance to produce continuous authentic performance of the selected sound - all without altering the player's normal keyboard technique. These meticulously crafted SuperNATURAL instruments, now under the control of behaviour modelling, provide the most authentic acoustic playing experience for live performances and studio recordings.

Past, Present, and Future Sound

The JUPITER-80 synthesizer nods to its past with lethal, multi-layered SuperNATURAL synthesizer tones so fat you'll need a knife to cut through it, but that's only the beginning of what this powerhouse synth will do. Gigging musicians will love the stockpile of essential sounds onboard, including Roland's famous SuperNATURAL grand pianos, strings, brass, and much more. and much more. The JUPITER-80 synthesizer puts a fast-access user interface under your fingers-a dream for live performance. Its heavyweight design, complete with metal side panels, recalls the legendary JUPITER but with a modern twist.

Tone Blender

You will love the deep possibilities of the stackable SuperNATURAL architecture and unique features such as Tone Blender, which tweaks values of multiple parameters simultaneously and lets you "Capture" any new combination and save it as a Live Set. Create complex, emotional textures that respond, react, and evolve like nothing you've heard before. Tone Blender can also dramatically enhance your live-performance capabilities by letting you assign its multiple parameters to controllers such as the D Beam. Powerful Live Sets Featuring
Four-Tone Structure and Registrations: The JUPITER-80's sound engine handles four x tones with dedicated DSP per tone as a basic unit "Live Set" for manual performance. Layering of Upper and Lower Live Sets, plus a specialised "SOLO" part, means the incredibly massive nine-tone-stack sound. Customized complex settings can be saved as Registrations, and easily recalled during live performance.


* Powerful integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds
* Single Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizer-stack four of these to create a mind-blowing "Live Set"
* Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performance
* Fast, friendly operation with intuitive front panel and colour touchscreen optimised for live performance
* 76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices (varies according to sound-generator load)
* USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea capture
* Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface
* Keyboard: 76 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
* Maximum Polyphony: 256 voices
* Parts: 4 parts (Upper, Lower, Solo, Percussion)
* Display: Graphic Color LCD 800 x 480 dots (touch screen)
* D Beam Controller
* Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
* Assignable buttons (S1, S2)
* Assignable knobs (E1--E4)
* Effects Live Set (Upper/Lower part): Multi-Effects (MFX): 4 units (parallel connection only), 76 types per each Upper/Lower (total: 8 units)
* Reverb: 1 unit, 5 types per each Upper/Lower (total: 2 units)
* Effects Solo part/Percussion part: Compressor + Equalizer + Delay: 1 set per each Solo/Percussion (total: 2 sets)
* Reverb: 1 unit, 5 types
Master Effects: 4-Band Equaliser: 1 unit

Dimensions: Before Flightcase
* Width: 1,231 mm, 48-1/2 inches
* Depth: 439 mm, 17-5/16 inches
* Height: 140 mm, 5-1/2 inches