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Cabasa for Hire

The Cabasa in a Latin American instrument that is constructed with loops of steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. The cylinder is fixed to a long, narrow wooden or plastic handle. These instruments come in various sizes in order to cater for the differing percussive palettes involved within the percussive world.


Coconuts for Hire

This sound was first realised as legitimate effect in 19th Century London where horses pulled carriages and the hooves made the distinctive "clippy cloppy" sound. But it took a missionary returning from the island of Hawaii to link the sound of horses to that of empty coconuts. Coconutopopo as it was known then was purely a souvenir given to the missionary's wife. If she had not dropped the Coconutopopo in the path of an oncoming horses carriage splitting it in two, the sound connection may never have been made. Interestingly, if one were to take two horses hooves and play them either against each other or on the floor the sound is very disappointing. Over time the name has been shortened to the slang coconut and in the modern era, these shells are the professionals choice for horsey sounds.


Cowbell for Hire

A Cowbell is a Latin American instrument made of metal and played by striking it with a stick.

Egg Shaker

Egg Shaker for Hire

An Egg Shaker is a small plastic shaker in the shape of and egg filled with various weights of beads.

Finger Cymbal Machine

Finger Cymbal Machine for Hire

The Finger Cymbal Machine is a device similar to a castanet machine to play finger cymbals quickly and easily. You strike (with hand or mallet) either end of the rods attached to half the finger cymbals which strike the other.

Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals for Hire

Finger Cymbals, also known as Antique are a small pair of thick cymbals on a string. The technique to produce the ideal sound is to gently strike the cymbals together to create a 'Ping' sound. They are usually about 3" in diameter. Another variation of finger cymbals is a pair which are strapped to the thumb and index finger and played together. These cymbals are generally smaller than those that are struck. 


Flex-a-tone for Hire

A modern instrument, the flexatone provides that "tickyticktickytockytockytockyticky" sound that has found such a good home in film music. The instrument consists of a small piece of spring steel that is fixed at one end and is encompassed by a steel outer frame. Connected to the part of the spring steel nearest the fixed end are two other strips of spring steel, one either side of the plate. On each end of the strips there is fixed a little ball of wood. If the player grasps the flexatone in one hand the thumb is naturally in the position to move the spring steel plate. If this is done while inverting the flexatone 90 degrees and moving it backwards and forwards in a sideways motion, this incredible effect can be produced. Many film and TV composers use this effect extensively as the instrument can heighten tension and is generally present just before the murderer is uncovered.


Khachaturian - Piano concerto


Guiro for Hire

The guiro is a percussion instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side. It is played by rubbing a wooden stick ("pua") along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound. The guiro is commonly used in Latin-American music, and plays a key role in the typical cumbia rhythm section. The guiro is also known as calabazo, guayo, ralladera or rascador.

Handle Castanets

Handle Castanets for Hire

Originating in Spain, the castanets have the greatest association with flamenco dancing. They are two hollowed round shells of hardwood, generally rosewood. The shells can be arranged for playing in several ways. The most authentic of these is for each shell to be looped with string so the player can use the thumb for the string loop and the fingers for the control of the wood shells. This method is not the most practical for the modern set up or a multi percussion piece as the time it takes to remove castanets from the fingers can have a detrimental effect on the speed the percussionist can move from one instrument to the other. Other methods for using castanets are to attach wooden rods to one end of each rod for use on the knees. The easiest method is to use machine castanets. These are basically the two wooden hollow shells mounted on a hardwood plate with hollows to match those of the shells. The shells are connected at the back of the board using either taught string or springs.


Rimsky-Korsakov Cappriccio Espangnol
Bizet Carmen


Italian - Castagnette
French - Castagnettes
German - Kastagnetten
Spanish - Castanuelas

Jam Block

Jam Block for Hire

A Jam Block is a modern, hard plastic version of the more fragile wood block, and is sometimes referred to as a "gock block" or "tempo block". It is sturdy, designed for hard hitting and is becoming more and more popular with modern drummers and percussionists, due to its durability and sound.