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Bamboo Chimes (mark tree)

Bamboo Chimes for Hire The Bamboo Chimes (sometimes known as wind chimes) are a series of thin bamboo tubes attached

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo Wind Chimes for Hire Bamboo Wind Chimes are suspended in the same layout as normal wind chimes, in a

Bell Tree

Bell Tree for Hire A bell tree consists of vertically nested inverted metal bowls. The bowls, placed on a vertical

Glass Chimes

Glass Chimes for Hire The Glass Chimes are a series of thin glass tubes attached by fishing wire or nylon

Jingling Johnny

Jingling Johnny for Hire Originating in the middle ages in Eastern Europe, the Turkish crescent is an intricately designed pole


Lagerphone for Hire A relatively simple percussion instrument, the Lagerphone is a variation of the more commonly used Jingling Johnny.

Mark Tree

Mark Tree for Hire The mark tree (sometimes known as wind chimes) are a series of thin brass tubes or

Metal Wind Chimes

Metal Wind Chimes for Hire Metal wind chimes are tubes suspended in a circular configuration with a wooden beater in

Mug Tree

Mug Tree for Hire The mug tree is a set of mugs suspended from a cymbal stand. The mugs are

Mussel / Oyster Sistrum

Mussel / Oyster Sistrum for Hire A sistrum or from the Greek siestron, or the Dutch hurdygurdystring, is essentially a

Pin chimes

Pin chimes for Hire Our Pin Chimes are the small hardened metal pins that are found in pianos. If grouped